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Mud on our Boots

Our Thursday social and therapeutic gardening group met up at Newton St Loe for their monthly involvement at the Walled Garden.

The first week of spring still feels like winter, however the conversations and activity more than made up for the dull weather.

This time the girls enjoyed using the mattocks too. They are a useful tools to get bramble roots out and make trenches.

We made a lot of trenches this session, all in preparation for the potatoes, which are chitting back at home. It is going to be such fun to receive our first harvest from the plot later this year, and potatoes are a good way of helping us cover and cultivate the ground.

So grateful the weather held up for our group, it is encouraging to see how much progress we have madE in clearing of bramble roots and rocks…it continues to be a slow process, but it will be worth it. Many hands make light work, but the mud is still heavy on our boots!


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