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The Adventure Begins

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our epic adventure together starts in the walled garden at Newton St Loe, on the edge of Bath.

On this Duchy of Cornwall rented ground we intend to shape this space into our home.

Nurturing it into a safe space, a productive garden, a place of restoration for soil and soul.

Today we had a super turnout of trainees, volunteers and staff and began to clear the site of the overgrown brambles and rubbish.

We are so grateful for farmer Hugh Gay of Newton Farm firstly for flailing the grounds earlier this month which has made our access with our team possible. And secondly for helping to install new gate posts.

Once the site is suitably cleared, those sturdy gates will help keep his pigs in the garden over winter to fully clear the site. Those pig snouts are perfectly designed to till the ground while they search for roots and other tasty morsels.

A good sized bonfire was started, who doesn’t like a good fire? Armfuls of material from across the walled garden was gathered to feed the fire.

Progress was made around all the edges, we unearthed some interesting finds, while we were scything and cutting back the overgrowth.

Over our coffee break, we all had the opportunity to put forward ideas of from the group as to what we thought the space could provide, and our founder Martin Geeke shared some of the vision for the garden.

The weather was on our side, the south-facing slope was bathed in sunshine, as were we. Such camaraderie and conversations, it was good to be amongst friends on the start of this epic chapter in Grow for Life’s story.


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