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Potato Planting

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our social and therapeutic horticultural group spent a very productive Thursday morning at the Walled Garden at Newton St Loe.

Last month we dug trenches for the potatoes, now it was time, after chitting them, to plant our first early, second early and main crop potatoes.

Orla, Charlotte, Nicola, Sarpo Mira, and Pink Fir Apple, what brilliant names.

We then split into groups, one team taking the time to plant young plug plants into the newly prepared beds: Lettuce, Beets, Onions and a bee-friendly bed with Phacelia and Borage.

Another team preparing new beds, with much shovelling of spent mushroom compost and wood chip.

Our newly planted beds need tucking up before we left—just as well with snow on the way.

It was lovely to see such camaraderie, and conversations in the small groups. For some it was their first time in the walled garden, it is so good seeing plants being put in the ground instead of being taken out now.

Such progress lifts our sprits, so good to be part of something special.


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