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"I feel a lot better and more confident"

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Grab a cuppa and have a read of Ian's* story. It's just one example of how Grow for Life is making a difference to the mental health and confidence of so many.

Ian was 39 when he joined Grow for Life in 2020. At the time he was suffering from social anxiety and depression. His main aim was to be more active, have more structure in his life and get something on his CV.

When he was very quickly offered a place on the C & G Practical Horticulture course, he became specifically interested in gardening and felt that he really wanted to do this and complete the course.

He really liked the therapeutic nature of the course and said it was no coincidence that after just four months with Grow for Life he managed to come off all his medication.

In his words Grow for Life offered him just the right challenge of dealing with unfamiliar social situations and people in a safe way. His social anxiety is now ‘way milder’ and he is now feeling confident enough to get a provisional licence and learn how to drive.

After finishing the first section of the C & G he felt in a good place and started work experience at the Urban Garden. At first he was a little unsure how he would cope with working 8 hours a day but he got into the routine very quickly. The work at the garden centre has boosted his confidence and he now feels ready to apply for a full time job and confident that he can hold it down.

In the meantime he has done the Level 2 course and has picked up some jobs doing people’s gardens. In his own words he feels ‘a lot better and more confident’.

If You Know Someone Who Needs Help Please Get in Contact

*name changed to protect identity


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