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Growth and Change

Our return to the Walled Garden in Newton St Loe this Thursday was just brilliant, so much had grown and changed since our last visit.

Our social and therapeutic gardening group made a big turnout, our largest yet, and this helped make light work of many of the tasks that we shared throughout our morning there.

We were blessed with the rain holding off and this gave us the opportunity to work together to relocate our recycled cardboard pile. We then split into small groups, those who wanted the plant vegetables, those who wanted to plant flowers. Those interested in seed sowing, in watering, or building no-dig compost beds could try new skills.

For some of our early original sowings it was time they made way for new plantings, many of the early sown rocket and mustard type had gone to flower and it was time for them to go. Some of the lettuce however we plan to see through to collecting seed—its important to watch the full cycle of life of some our plants.

Our wooden pallets made a welcome set of seating for our tea-break, a chance to relax, take in the views, and enjoy great cake.

For some it was a chance to swap activities, try something new. We were grateful for the runout of volunteers and trustees at our session, and were so pleased to have accomplished so much in our time today.

A thank you to those came today was lettuces, enormous fresh leaves, and likely to last in our fridge for nearly two weeks, such is the way they have been grown. It's so good to have seen the journey of sowing the seed, to harvesting and soon to eating the produce from our garden.


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