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Grateful Garden Hosts

Our outbound / peripatetic gardening group visit different host gardens each week. This was the original model for Grow for Life when it started.

We are always keen to help those people in most need, who find their current situation overwhelming. Our gardeners feel really empowered to participate in the transformation of a garden, recognising their ability to create joy and provide a good garden service for someone in need. They receive hospitality and the story of the garden host, and as in this case the grateful thanks of the Garden Host too. It really is a positive, virtuous circle.

Our recent Garden Host shared: "Thank you all so much for the amazing job you did with my garden. It's never looked so good❤️. You were all so lovely and kind, a real pleasure to have in my home."

For the first half of the session, our team got stuck in with shears and loppers, reducing the size of the main hedge that wraps around half of the property.

We enjoyed a selection of snacks along with tea and coffee at the break that our host provided.

After the break, we returned to hedge trimming, mowing the lawn, and clearing some weeds. Of course, there was a lot of mess that we had to clear, creating a rather large pile.

The weather was good, which is always a bonus, and it was great to see such a transformation in this garden.

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