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Graduation Day

Congratulations to all our City & Guilds Level 1 Horticulture class today—they passed!

Week 12 our last session, started with assessments for our students on their plant knowledge and their trees.

Delighted to be able to get all the students through to the finish line with a pass. It's been such a journey for them, we have loved seeing them develop in their understanding and love of horticulture. Enjoying our tree walks and the conversations. Seeing them grow in confidence.

It was a very relaxed last session, after being tested, the team help the Nursery staff with potting up herbs such as Lemon Thyme, Common Thyme and Tagetes. And we got to work at the Staff benches, we felt very grown-up!

We will miss them, and wish them every success with their future endeavours.


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