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What a difference a month makes...

What a difference a month makes. Our social and therapeutic gardening group returned to the Walled garden our May visit, and for many it was such a surprise how much had changed since their last visit.

We were blessed with sunshine, though more than a little breezy, all the more helpful to have such a large gathering to steady the last of the fabric runs, at the bottom of the patch that we were able to cover. We celebrated the final covering of the plot!

This visited provided many with the opportunity to try new activities, picking our seedlings, sow new seeds, or planting our last month’s seedlings in the newly formed beds.

Other preferred to assist in the covering of the ground with cardboard, then spent mushroom compost, with generous paths filled with woodchip.

After sitting together under the protection of the apples trees in the orchard for coffee, cake and conversation we returned to our first mixed salad leaf harvest. It was a chance to taste our efforts and note the differences in flavour and texture of what had been planted.

Another session filled with joy, laughter friendly teamwork.


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