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Restoring a Garden

One of our biggest volunteer turn-out so far on the Walled Garden Restoration project for our social and therapeutic charity home-to-be.

They say 'many hands make light work', though it was still heavy going in this top corner!

We are slowly removing all the couch grass and bramble roots that the pigs chose to ignore. As we work along the large protective south-facing wall in our groups, we are noticing the soil colour darkening.

It was over twenty years ago, and longer, that the walled garden was a productive vegetable patch, we have been encouraged by many of the locals, who are so excited to see the garden being brought back into production—and being cared for.

Well done to all our team for their efforts this week. I know we will sleep well—being physically tired from exercising outdoors can really benefit sleep. Knowing we are part of something bigger in this project with our contributions today, gives us a real sense of achievement and pride.

If you’d like to join our volunteer group, do message us. As you can see we have 1/3 acre to restore…


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