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Garden Party Fundraising

Will you help fundraise for us in JUNE?

Holding a garden party is great fun. Pick a day in June, invite friends and family. Bake a cake and pour a cuppa, or do a BBQ!

“How can I get involved?” Is a question we often hear at Grow for Life, well, we’d love to encourage you to host your own Garden Party this June to share what we do with your friends and family and to hopefully raise our profile and some funds.

Many of you will know of similar ideas, such as MacMillan’s Big Coffee Morning, and we’d like to encourage you to host a garden party in your own gardens.

Any day in June

This could be on any day that suits you, the idea being that many of us love chatting, and being in the garden with friends - so that’s what this is. We know life is busy so we’re deliberately suggesting it happens some time in the month of June, but within the busy summer months please feel free to choose a day that works for you.

Direct people to make their donation to our

JustGiving Account: 

Alternatively receive cash donations and arrange to pass to our team, by alerting us on:

Head over to our Fundraising page to dowload our Fundraising Pack.

Garden Party Ideas

Devise some delicious treats to eat with a vegetable theme, here are some ideas:

You could go for crowd pleasing traditional British garden party fare, or something a little more unusual by including vegetables from your garden.

For savoury dishes how about tomato bruschetta, an asparagus, salmon and egg tart, or for a simple but impressive snack make some cheese, ham and anchovy palmiers.

 And for those with a sweet tooth, you could supplement the garden party favourite of fresh-baked scones and strawberry jam and cream with courgette and lime cake, beetroot and chocolate brownies or carrot cake.

For drinks, a fruit cup, elderflower spritzer or Pimm's and lemonade (with cucumber, lemon and strawberries) are always popular. Add a bit of elegance to your drinks selection by floating borage flowers in punch bowls or freezing them in ice cubes. And remember, keep it simple so you don't have to be tied to the kitchen and can enjoy the company of your guests!


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