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Cardboard Chronicles & Organising the Orchard

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Always grateful to our team of volunteers who meet up at the walled garden and orchard on Fridays.

This week we have a massive delivery of cardboard to tuck away inside the walled garden. Thanks to our lovely friends at JWitt @jwittwasterecycling for the delivery of cardboard.! We’ll use it for making no-dig beds shortly. Looking forward to the extra help on Saturday too, to empty this 40 foot container!!

We also started to tackle the trees in the orchard, taking out large central branches to provide more air and light to get to the centre of these apple trees.

Back in the walled garden, we continue to dig out the footings for The Potting Shed base, counting down the week’s till we have a structure to store all our tools.


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