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Propagation Prowess

It was week 8 on our City & Guilds Horticulture course and we undertook our first practical assessment with the group on Propagation. The Nursery team requested we increase their stock of Ajuga reptant ‘Burgundy Glow’, and under test conditions we obliged.

Taking careful stem cutting material from the plants and quickly placing it in our plastic bags to avoid the cuttings from wilting. Back at our benches we proceeded to prepare the cuttings, placing them individually into our modules, before labelling and watering them.

There are lots of beautiful examples of the herbaceous perennials out in the nursery at this time of year, so we tried to spot as many of those on our list as we could: Granny’s Bonnet, Turkish and Russian Sage, Cranesbill, and Stonecrop.

With such good weather we extended our tree walk further into the Botanical Gardens where we could appreciate other plants in situ, like Verbena and Bear Breeches and Catmint.

Sometimes its helpful to compare directly, the differences between trees, as in the picture of flat leaves of Yew vs the needles of the Lebanese Cedar.

When we stop and look closely we can see trees providing us with tiny beautiful flowers that most people just walk right past.

In just one week the change in leaf of some of the trees has been quite remarkable, while we look with purpose and spend time outside each week, we are much more aware of the changes in nature.


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