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Pallet Rolling

This pallet rolling is catching on! So grateful for a growing team of volunteers who managed to attend our Tuesday afternoon session up at the Walled Garden in Newton St Loe, between 1-4pm.

We continued to make progress as we put down another 2m row of landscape fabric after removing the biggest nettles and all the bramble roots. Thats 16metres we have reclaimed since we started this exercise and we are only in March.

We couldn’t do this without cake, so appreciative of cake-generosity! Soon this top half of the garden will be transformed as we have arranged for compost and cardboard to come at the end of the month.

A container of cardboard arrives on Friday 25th—if anyone has time to spare between 10-12noon on Saturday 26th, we need many hands to transfer the cardboard onto site, before the container leaves on Monday.

Message us here if you’d like to help, and see for yourself the progress a small team of volunteers and trainees have achieved.


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