Frequently Asked Questions

Where do sessions take place?

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Grow for Life sessions take place in designated garden sites in or around Bath. The majority of our gardening sites are private gardens of individuals who welcome or require help in maintaining their garden. Many of these are elderly or ill residents who are unable to care for their garden independently. Trainees often reflect that they find it rewarding to help another person in need by being part of a team helping to restore their garden. Caleb*, a current trainee, shared,

“It feels good to be helping someone. I’ve learnt a lot and want to do more gardening work.”

Grow for Life also has a small number of gardening sites in the grounds of local care homes where teams work to maintain areas of the garden.

Grow for Life is also due to start running regular greenhouse horticultural sessions in partnership with The Genesis Trust and BANES Parks department. The use of greenhouses will significantly extend our gardening season and expand the range of horticultural training opportunities available to trainees.

All session venues are assessed for suitability and are risk-assessed.

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Are there any costs?

Grow for Life sessions are free of charge.

Do trainees get to take home any of the produce they grow?

Trainees are sometimes given produce to take home, such as vegetables, fruit or cut flowers. However this is at the discretion of the garden host.

How many sessions do trainees typically attend?


New joiners are given the option to attend a trial session to see what it is like. If they wish to continue trainees are asked to commit to attending weekly gardening sessions for a three-month period. Grow for Life provides a rolling programme of gardening sessions and so is usually able to accommodate those who wish to continue gardening over a longer period. Many trainees choose to stay on for a longer period, up to a maximum of two years.

Are trainees expected to travel independently to sessions?

Trainees are encouraged to travel to sessions independently where possible. However all trainees are given the option of a lift to and from sessions. There are a number of central pick-up and drop-off points to ensure accessibility for all. Lifts are provided from these agreed points only – Grow for Life is not able to provide lifts to and from individual addresses unless otherwise agreed. Lifts are provided by authorised Grow for Life team members with a minimum of three individuals in a vehicle at any one time. All drivers are DBS checked, risk assessed and have appropriate insurance.


Are toilets available during gardening session?

All sites have access to toilets.

Who leads Grow for Life gardening sessions?

Gardening sessions are led by Grow for Life staff and volunteers.